Industrial automation

We perform installations of industrial automation for ventilation and air conditioning systems. We guarantee high quality, low price and maximum reliability

We assemble control cabinets for our ventilation and air conditioning systems. They are housing the main PLC controller of the system. We offer high quality PLC controllers, circuit breakers, contactors and fuses.

Our services:

Delivery to client
- qualified assembly team
- additional changes required by the client

Our ventilation and air conditioning systems for industrial use are equipped with high quality electric drives that are controller by inverters. High quality ensures low wear on the drives, long trouble-free operation and virtually no downtimes of the system.

Our services:

- selection of a suitable drive
Delivery to client
- correct operation with motor

Our offer

We offer assembly of the highest quality components from the following manufacturers:

LS Industrial Systems


Schneider Electric

and others.

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